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Buffalo MRAP
Country Of origin USA
Designation Mine Resistant, Ambush Protected Vehicle
Configuration Wheeled
Manufacturer: Force Protection Industries
Crew: 2 + 4
Length 8.20 m
Width 2.59 m
Height 3.96 m
Weight 22.700 t
Speed 105 km/h
Range 480 km
Primary armament Mission Specific
Secondary armament Mission Specific
Power plant 450 BHP
NBC None
Night Driver Wears NVG's

Statistics shown below reflect those of the Force Protection Industries "Buffalo" MRAP system. Buffaloes feature a remote manipulator arm for EOD service. Protection afforded the crew of the Buffalo include RPG-7 rocket propelled grenade attacks, 7.62mm ammunition hits and mine / IED explosions.

300px-FPCougar.jpg A similar model undergoing testing.