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Final resting place of 99% of all buckfast bottles

A fortified wine created and fermented by a small community of monks who settled in England at Buckfast Abbey around 1880. They were called upon by God to praise his name by creating an alcoholic beverage (probably to make praising his name a bit more fun).

Also known as 'Buckie'. The drink of preference for the schemie, ned, chav or under-age drinker in Central Scotland. The area of worst abuse is the Buckfast triangle - the area between Airdrie, Coatbridge and Larkhall. However it is rife thoughout Scotland.

Cheap, disturbingly healthy (in small doses) and the equivalent of a brick between the eyes in large ones - it has an alcohol content of 15%. It tastes like a spoonful of mud laced with a 1kg bag of sugar.

The sales reps for this muck drive Vectra's around the rest of the country. In Central Scotland the rep drives a top of the range BMW. Make of that what you will.

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