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Pompei brothel right before the volcano shot its load

A shop which sells sex (VAT rated 0% I believe so the 2.5% reduction doesnt apply here ... bugger!).

Brothels have been with us throughout history.

Young men and women (and old women as well) are supplied to the discerning client for their physical entertainment in return for coins of the realm.

The more exotic the requirement, the higher the cost so if you like writhing on a bed of caviar before having your genitals put through a wringer while you are beaten with a stick of rhubarb .... expect to pay quite a bit.

Services provided may be as straight forward as a hand job, boobie ride, blow job or straight sex. However they can range all the way through exotic positions, strange leather and metal restraints and very odd games involving a horse bridal and a butt plug with horse hair attached! If you know a BBC presenter, ask them for details.

Common in countries like Germany, the Netherlands and (frankly mandatory) in France.

Not always legal in particular countries but this seems to be something of an inconsistency in UK law especially since its legal to give sex away for nothing AND its legal to sell things ... so why isn't it legal to sell sex?

Strictly speaking though, it's sort of legal to sell sex in the UK...

It's unlawful to solicit for sex, or keep a bawdy house, or have two or more women (that should probably read people in this day and age) selling sex from the same premises (a brothel is a bawdy house and you need two or more women (people) to have a brothel), or live off the proceeds of prostitution.

But selling your body for cash, isn't illegal... although the Inland Revenue would like to speak to you.

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