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Brize Norton

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RAF Brize Norton. Gateway to the World!

Once the hub of the Royal Air Force's immense Transport Command, it has since been reduced to the level of a provincial airport - with shoddy service to match. Situated next to the thriving settlement of Cartoontown, the once mighty Brize is now a shadow of its former self.

In the heady days of the Cold War 'Prize Portion' was a never ending, alcohol-fuelled party. The station's own nightclub, the Spotlight Club, yielding a rich crop of local fanny just ripe for deflowering. Many a maiden nearly lost their footing in a drunken haze on fire escapes during the Sunday morning decent. The WRAF Block even had its own resident Para!

Home to No.1 Parachute Training School, PCAU, JATE, 244 Sigs, Air Movements School, 19 Sqn RAF Regiment, 10, 101 and 216 Sqns, the mix of units guaranteed much inter-service rivalry, and the scraps between resident and transient units were legendary.

Drinking haunts of note are the Beehive, Eagle (since renamed The Aviator) and Osprey pubs. Local cuisine can easily be summed up with one eatery: Frank's Chinky outside Gate 1. Blimmin' marvellous!