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Fuck I'd do myself if I lived here!

Bridgend (Welsh: Pen-y-bont ar Ogwr) is a Shithole town in South Wales. Midway between Cardiff and Swansea, it has a population of 39,429 ... 39,428 ... 39,427 ... 39,426 ... 39,424 ... 39,423 ... Err, lets just say it has fairly large problem with teenage suicides.

At last count the number of angst ridden teen stiffs in recent months stood at 23 but that was 10 minutes ago so there may have been more. Best to check the tabloids for screams of DEATH CULT ON INTERNET.

One good thing about this is that claimant count in Bridgend is 9%, the second highest in Wales, with many on incapacity benefit. Thus every time one of these emotionally crippled Emo types leaps off a chair with a length of hemp round the neck OR gets bezzering with a family size bottle of asprin ... there is a 1 in 11 chance that the benefits bill in Wales just dropped. Good news for the taxpayer I feel.

NOTE: Before anyone considers to visit this place, Make sure you have either a Bic, rope or 10 packs of Paracetamol.

11/11/08 Fuck there goes another one, that's it up to 24!

30/12/08 And to round out the year in style ... 25! You have to admire their single mindedness. Do your admiring here.

7/04/09 Bodies are now being dumped in Bridgend on the basis no one will notice a few more stiffs littering the place. Slightly bizarre coincidence readable here

Bridgend Non-Survival Tips