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Brian Jennings

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Jennings achieved notoriety as probably Britain's first ever Trumpton walt. Pitching up in flood damaged Tewkesbury with blue lights flashing, Jennings - wearing a Merseyside Fire & Rescue uniform - told those on the scene he'd been sent down from Liverpool to assist in rescue operations. He was pointed in the direction of the local brigade and immediately got in to the swing of things - even to the point of directing operations.

Unfortunately for Jennings, his sad cherade went horribly tits after becoming embroiled in a game of volleyball. Leading Firefighter Barney McGrue of Gloucestershire Fire & Rescue said "It was obvious he was a fraud immediately the whistle blew. He just stood there like a mong!" Outed, Jennings confessed to his walting and was immediately arrested. And quite right too.

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