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Brexit Pride (User)

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Troll or Wind-Up

User Brexit_Pride (Baglock) signed up to ARRSE during July 2019


Brexit is about to climax, spraying the UK with hot, sticky soveriegnty according to this illiterate twat, scribbling in one of the many super interesting Brexit threads tailor-made for Arrse's imbeciles and trolls. The shit spelling and bellendery suggest a wind-up or a very poor Russian troll, but the cunt behind the account is definitely the same unfunny racist spastic behind Baglock a.k.a.Shittinginabag. It's too fecking dull even to be nominated for SPOTY 2019.

Yet another crayoning politico dullard, mental oxygen thief and Supermong: ARRSE's newest stupid recruit somehow notched up a record 186 'Dumb' ratings inside 28 days, and didn't stop there.

600+ Negative Votes in Three Months

Another dull commie mong that's possibly Russian, inside three months it's racked up 600+ negative votes, and counting. By the end of October 2019, the chod had amassed over 870 mong ratings for - of course - being a Mong.

ARRSErs know this chod to be yet another incarnation of the deranged SPOTY champion Baglock 'on ROPs' the lefty Supermong. Typical for the speshul mongs on ARRSE, the retard was soon in the SinBin on ROPs, but just like 'Baggy' and the rest of the site's trolling loons, it doesn't learn and it will never change. 

Definite Sock Puppet

UserJoker62 commented: "Strange, 'Baggy' and all of its socks disappear and you turn up." Sounds reasonable. 'Baggy' the loony-left retard shat all over the boards under numerous guises for years, got slammed with sanctions and disappeared (again). 'Baggy' is also fond of the racist "Gammon" meme, as most lefty racist mongs are. Moreover, and strangely, there is only one other ARRSE fcukwit that's fond of the word "Hush" on one of its frequent trolling outings. Just who could it BB?

Cunt of the moment posting poorly written bollocks: Brexit_Pride the look-at-me clown seems to crave negative attention with its limited vocabulary; remoaniac, rem-anus, and team remoan. This balloon-headed troll is witty and popular as fuck, not. Though to be fair, at least it's not another friendless 'Swiss Tony' weirdo, posting idiotic GIFs of babies. Nor is it one of those creepy feckers stalking members all over the site, yet. But it's definitely got mental problems.

Tedious as Fuck

The Internet is full of loonies. Trolls think that trashing ARRSE is funny, yet we know "they are prototypical everyday sadists" - see ARRSE Troll. Emerging early as a candidate for Supermong disgrace, and ARRSE SPOTY, this is either Baglock or its twin, or another Russkie troll. But whoever the wank sock and twat Brexit_Pride may be, within three months it had managed to accumulate 600 'Dumbs' on its account .

Too shite and tedious to qualify for SPOTY, but perfect for 'arrsehole of the decade': this trolling throbber think it's edgy, and avant-garde. However, it's just another lonely loon polluting ARRSE with badly spelt dribble, in the multitude of mind-numbing Brexit threads populated by political-junkie dullards.

A Wind-Up

After this mong was seen to possess Mod powers: several ARRSErs have pinged user Brexit_Pride as a wind-up, probably a Mod 'having a laugh'. It's thought the same puppeteer is behind Baglock and all of its other socks. If true, ARRSErs have been jacked, arguing with a phantom and voting it SPOTY champion, twice. And to be honest, nobody is as fcuking stupid as this unfunny cunt, or are they?


The tedious unfunny dullard's profile.