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Brecon (Aberhonddu):

Brecon is a market town in South Powys, which sits on the Usk and Honddu rivers. It is home to the renowned annual Brecon Jazz Festival. In this case, 'Jazz' refers to music and not porn. Now there's an idea, The Alternative Brecon Jazz Festival (Surely, Brecon Jizz Festival?).

Brecon boasts a cinema, a theatre, two museums, the usual range of supermarkets, a goodly number of pubs and restaurants, the Brecon and Monmouth Canal, and access to the Brecon Beacons National Park.

There's also a cyber café in Lion Street that offers access to tinternet at reduced rates for service personnel.

It is also home to ITC at Dering Lines, and HQ Wales. SENTA isn't too far away, and the car park at Storey Arms is about 10 miles away.

If you're in the Infantry, at some time in your life, you'll discover the joys of this part of the world. And yes the hills really are that FOGB