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Home of the Tankies and the Light Dragoons.

Lots of Armour, the Tank Museum and cracking little Kebab shop taboot!!

Morton ford, tumuli, sandy gully, heartbreak hill and rhodedenrun mile still haunt me and make me cry when I think about long runs and tank track PT

Stanley Barracks was the home of Junior Leaders Regt. Here 16-17 yr old waifs and strays could get three meals a day, get shouted at, beasted and placed in metal lockers and hurled down stairs. If you laughed at the Drill Sgts cliches and found yourself uncontrolable with laughter the nice man would smyte thee a blow across your schnozzer with his Pace stick...

On leaving successful 'pass off troops' would embark on their careers with their parent unit. Bovington was home to the The Royal Armoured Corps, The Royal Military Police and the most pretty and mincing of all - the Army Air Corps

Also home to the Army Junior School of Music but everyone knows all bandies are gay and should be mocked, persecuted and bullied at every opportunity although they are only very slightly less gay than the Army Air Corps.