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Bob Carolgees

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Spit the Dog & owner

Seminal dog puppet-based 'comedy' act that originated on the 1970s Saturday morning Tiswas show. Just how the fuck anyone can pursue a career with such limited scope (or appeal) is beyond me, but Carolgees has succeeded where many an accordion-playing unicyclist has failed. Carolgees' one-sided 'ventriloquist' act with his dog puppet 'Spit' may have been mildly amusing for five minutes in 1978, but three decades' worth of Spit the Dog hardly looks impressive on the CV does it?

Even more incredible is that Carolgees has appeared in CSE shows. How a tent-full of bored (and sober) squaddies can be enraptured by some geezer that looks like a scouser with his hand up a fake dog's arse pushes the envelope on the believability scale, but stranger things have happened at sea.

Yer man Carolgees is currently wowing the masses in a telephone box in Great Yarmouth... probably.

More about the man here: You couldn't make this up