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Blue Sophist

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The Pile

Otherwise the Lord Sophist, Baron Landfill, KtStH, KSC(CPJ), MRBL, SPGB, Bear-Minder General etc. etc.

One time member of Her Majesty’s Andrew, former crab officer and tax exile, Lord Blue presides over his fuedal pile with aplomb – in reality a ludicrous fortress constructed from flotsam on a barren windswept rock off the coast of France.

He is holder of the European Long-Range Service Pistol record – a skill which comes in useful for taking potshots at interlopers and passing fishing smacks. His Lordship spends his time drinking heavily, posting (heavily) on ARRSE and breeding guillemots – for which he has been awarded the British Guillemot Breeders Association Gold Award... probably. Lord Blue is 56, a spotter and (therefore) insane.

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