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Blue Peter

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When they called it Blue ... they weren't kidding!


Whether it's skidding on elephant shit, breaking a pelvis in a freak skydiving accident or dying of an AIDS-related illness, a Blue Peter presenter will often be the subject of a hilarious mishap. The show was - and is - regarded as a BBC flagship, showcasing the very best of the youngest and brightest up-and-coming talent... as well as Peter Duncan.

What is clear is that Blue Peter was many young Arrser's first brush with the vagaries of the real world.

For example - and consider that this was in the era before widely available video recording - the Blue Peter production team arranged for all the female presenters to wander about in lingerie thinly disguised as a 'period piece'.

Now some of you will be defeated by the IGS Nazi's, so here is a still:


Here is a YouTube clip of the moment...

The Talent

Let's not beat around the bush - Blue Peter has played host to some pretty hot chicks. Let's have a look at some of these now.

Sarah Greene


Zoe Salmon


Konnie Huq


Helen Skelton

_47185939_helen_skelton_512x288.jpg SNN21TV1B-280_970612a.jpg

Janet Ellis


Caron Keating


Yvette Fielding


Anthea Turner


Katy Hill


Valerie Singleton

... and how can we not mention the grandmother of sticky backed plastic ... Val Singleton.

For most ARRSErs 40 and over, Val was the strict older women we all dreamed of who would interfere with our M&S Y's. Oh yes indeed. For 30 years we all thought she batted for the other side ... but in a recent shock it seems she was seriously up for it with blokes. Still hope for a shag with Val yet!


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