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Blow Me Up Bus

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British Army buses don't say "ARMY BUS" on the side as these would be a security risk so they are "civilianised". The effectiveness of this is about as convincing as putting a tea tray on the back of a Nissan Micra and telling people it's a Porsche.

In homage to the effect of the cam the buses are known as "Blow me up Buses" as that's what they invite.

Sandhurst BMUB's have a special feature in that they compress the time taken on any journey to the time needed to sit down and take your beret off. A mild swooshing feeling is felt before - WHAM - you are where you need to be! Amazing.

Well it's amazing unless you're going to Wales and then it's just crap as it will be raining and you have to spend the next week with a hypothermic Indonesian Floppy who can't dig, can't tab and can't stay awake.

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