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"Bloke" is a slang term for an ordinary man. Being a Bloke, as opposed to being a normal bod, has strong, macho, heroic, chick chasing, beer drinking, connotations.

Steve Irwin epitomised the Australian concept of a bloke, all wild animal molesting, crocodile grappling, and beer drinking bravado.

Perhaps he should have spent more time expanding his knowledge like a normal bod. He could have started by reading such essential tomes as "101 Things not to do to a Stingray"

Used primarily in the UK, Australia and New Zealand.

See also Geezer which is a cockney / mockney term for a bloke and valid in most areas between Dover and Peterborough.

Also eats Black Pudding as a staple diet..... Probably

NB. All squaddies come pre-set to bloke as a default setting.