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Blanket Stacker

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Universal Identification of a Storeman.

Typically any storemen whether RLC or specific to Corps will have removed his middle 3 fingers enabling said storeman to aquire the perfect measurement device to account for 4 GS Blankets.

Also Storemen have a specific sight problem in that they develop a "blind spot" especially when you attempt to indicate on the shelf that brand new set of CS95 trousers you so desperatly need giving rise to the statement,

"Pointing at it doesnt help sunshine, the system says theres none on the shelves so you will have to come back in 10 weeks time and maybe I will have a set in"

From FB - an oft heard cry is "these are Stores. If we were meant to issue things, they would be called Issues, wouldn't they?"

Most storemen can generally be refered too as "total bastards" when it comes to kit issues/receipts. Have you ever tried to hand in a set of Mess Tins after an exercise? Besides, even the dimmest Storeman must know that it's easier to look after a pile of AF G1033s than it is to keep track and maintain a store full of actual kit, so issue it.

Also see QM's store

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