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An incestuous Georgian Town 20 miles from Poole. Sits on the banks of the river Stour, which supplies the worst brewery in the world with ming water of the lowest standard..... no wonder it tastes like piss!

Slagging the brewery isn't exactly fair. If you do the tour, the badger beer in the hospitality bar is quite good. Load the fucking stuff onto a truck and drive it round the corner to Tiffs, and its horrible.

You have to wonder at the thinking behind moving the training down to Blandford. The cynics amongst you would hear the rumour about the amount of Senior Officers and civil servants who own property in the area, making Catterick inconvenient. I just wonder what the hell they were thinking of, crap transport links, limited facilities and a population that forgets that if the camp wasn't there, their inbred little hamlet would be wiped off the map.

Officers Mess One word 'BEAMS'

Stationed units, 11th Signal Regiment Royal School of Signals DCSA&DEI