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Blackwater USA

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A freefire zone since 1997

Blackwater USA is a private security firm founded in 1997 by a former U. S. Navy SEAL (Erik Prince).

They claim to be a professional military, law enforcement, security, peacekeeping, and stability operations firm. They have been employed by the US State department to provide security for senior US diplomats while in Iraq.

What they appear to be is a bunch of trigger happy cnuts who fire first and then when the questions get asked, hide behind the unique status of immunity from Iraqi law but are not accountable to anyone in the US either.

The Wikipedia page here lists a large number of friendly fire 'incidents' where Blackwater have wracked up a body count where it wasn't required including the shooting of a Iraqi Vice Presidents guard by a drunken Blackwater employee. The State Department tried unsuccessfully to cover up this murder as the killer left the country immediately.

On September 16 2007 a Blackwater CP team opened fire on civilians in Iraq. The US Justice Department, struggling under State Department immunity for the trigger happy cnuts, has been trying to get manslaughter and assault with a machine gun (a mandatory 30yrs) charges against the guards but it seems these F'ers are above the law ... so far. This did result in a change in Iraqi law in that foreigners were no longer immune from prosecution in the event of someone getting slotted in an unapproved manner.