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Black Mafia

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Black Mafia - in da hoodz!!1!
Oilrig worker...or big time drug dealer?

Who Wants a Fight?

In the early hours of 01 Dec 07, ARRSEr Black-Mafia decided he was going to make a massive tool of himself by challenging Afghan war hero Fallschirmjager to some sort of tawdry fight at an unknown location (see below). Note that we are discussing the 3 PARA bloke here - not the other Fallschirmjaeger.

Unsurprisingly, and following several particularly pointless posts in which our hero B-M went from Zero to Less Than Zero in a matter of minutes, nothing more was heard from this mong and it is believed that he did the whole thing whilst very pissed - which is no excuse. This was later confirmed which was the cue for all sorts of ghastly bezzering from various morons on-thread.

Who He?

Well, opinion is divided. What is known for certain is that his actual name is <NAME DELETED> and beyond that it all gets a bit murky. He is also a member of the BNP which marks him out as someone who was always going to come out poorly in the lottery of life.

So What Is Known, Then?

Well, he has confirmed that he is:

  • A denizen of Liverpool... though a native cockernee, according to the BNP thread, in which he proudly ranted his love of the BNP (despite being presumably willing to die for France)...

  Fallshirmjaeger always talks a good fight , so about on neutral ground ( not Collie ) or ( Liverpool L8 ) weet me up and see who the froggy hat and whos the top steeled eyed killer ,,,,open invitation to ya FSJ

  • ...that is dependent on Afghan sourced heroin...

  I'm personnally very glad our boys are doing such a good protecting all the smack coming in the UK the price has dropped by a third so thanx a lot keep it and might be able to retire in a few more years.......nic e to know you're getting fucked so everysmackhead can get his fix and me keep making money...

  • ...which presumably funds his fleet of fine cars...

  lets keep supporting the boys in Afghanistan fighting my new new mercedes SL ....go on boys the longer you;re there the cheaper it gets

  • between failing to recognise that the Interwebs is not Real Life...

  if I was in a pub having a convo and someone called me its a be a kick off, why should be any different on the net

All of which is very illuminating and jolly frightening, I can tell you.

Double Life Shocker!

But hang on - what's this? Is our apparent drug dealer leading a separate life elsewhere?

  I've been working the rigs for the past 10 years as Radio Op / Administrator and the money is fantastic , time off great, forget all that s*** about "North Sea Tigers " though maybe 30 yrs ago

  By the way I am not a drug user just sick of idiotic goverment policy

  Left the Brits in 89, six months later joined the Legion's 2eme REP and from 95 till now working the oil rigs sitting on me arse in a nice remf job never more than 3 ft from a coffee maker ..

  8 years British service normal discharge

By now you should be pretty mystified. Join the gang.