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Village in the county of Surrey and spiritual home of shooting in the UK since 1890. Site of the National Shooting Centre (though Nottingham was considered at one point). Currently in vogue due to the forthcoming 2012 World Money Wasting Championships, Bisley was to have billions injected in to its infrastructure to enable our glorious team to sweep to victory in a sport that's officially despised, because guns are naughty and cause all manner of hurty things. Fortunately, someone decided that it was a stupid idea and common sense prevailed... and moved the venue to Woolwich instead. After the championships, the Woolwich ranges are to be levelled (total cost of building and subsequent demolition £24 million) and turned in to a vast housing estate to accommodate the 36 million Chinese that will converge on the Home Counties when China becomes part of the EU in 2015... probably. The HAC have their own Shooting Lodge there. For the time being at least.