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Biscuits Brown

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Plays the 'biscuit (brown) game'.

Pack contained within the 24 Hour ration pack. Consists of 6 slices of compressed cardboard, occasionally supplied with dog shit in a can to spread over said cardboard.

Rather scarily, this institution of the soldiering ways is/has been phased out with the new Multi-Climate ORP's, and they are fast becoming rocking horse shit. Those of us more aware of the value of the Biscuit Brown are now involved in an intense hoarding operation to ensure that in ten years time, we'll still have a tasty biccy to bung ourselves up with, whilst those sprogs stare on in wonder and ask us what these magical looking things are.

Apart from the (Debatable) nutritional value that the Biscuit Brown holds, its primary value is of the bunger-upper. As soon as any soldier worth his salt hit the field for exercise, he'd scoff down at least three packs, thus ensuring his arse would be blocked solid for days to come. No need to lay a cable only to discover that you need to use it as the new harbours sentry position two days later.

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