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Billy Connolly

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Billy when he was still funny

Possibly the funniest man in the world in the late '70s/early '80s (at least for anyone whose Mummy didn't let them watch Richard Pryor and assuming you could understand a drugged up nigga). A man so in touch with his fellow Scot he could make you cry laughing. His understanding of the Porridge Wog psyche bordered on the telepathic. He was Scotland.

Connolly lost his way severely when his act degenerated into swearing and taking his kit off for non-Scots and the arse-end of the Royal Family. Now very un-funny with about as much common feeling for the Scots mentality as Tony Blair had for the average squaddie. Connolly is seen as a bit of an 'Uncle Tom' North of the border.

Married to the indiscreet Pamela Stephenson, Billy expected sympathy when Pamela (during a mid life crisis) bought a £5m boat and he had to sell his Spamish McMansion to pay for it. Aww!

Billy Connolly is also Honourary Colonel-in-Chief of 49 Para, homage to his days as a TA soldier in 15 Para... probably.

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