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The act of getting drunk and telling people you hardly know that they are your best mate and how much you love them.

"See you?.....I fcuking love you man, no I mean it, your like fcucking brother...mate I would share my wife with you cos we have and you...pals till the end...I fcuking love you man..."

This repeats every 200yards until the main gate is reached or someone falls over. Coppers tend to stay away, they dont like getting hugged by "known Bezzerers"
  • Note - Coppers also dislike the repeated requests from those involved in "Bezzering" to shake hands on the grounds that, "You lads are just doin' yer job.. yer see this lad..? He's me bezzer.." this will usually be the precursor to copious vomiting.
  • Physical violence is not unknown between bezzers mainly due to male bonding, alcohol and the inability to throw a friendly best mate sort of a punch without knocking out teeth.
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