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Best Jobs

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Driving Jobs

  • EOD Van Driver - The best way to speed legally.
  • Police Advanced Driver - Driver of an Army (civi spec), Police car, awesome!!!
  • Naafi Van Driver - Dutch bloke I met in the mess (related to Hertz Van Rental).

Trunk Node Technician

  • Responsible for own toolbox and fluke multimeter
  • Electrical shocks on demand at no extra cost
  • Free abuse off operators 24/7

Radio Relay Operator

  • God's own trade
  • PS2/Xbox Gods
  • Have access to 240v AC on exercise and deployments. Always able to boil kettle.
  • The above may not apply to SCRA dwellers.
  • Will usually deploy TV antenna prior to getting shot in.

Operating Department Practitioner

  • Responsible for ruining many a QAs virtue

Specialist Operator

See Specialist Operator and ProspectSolution.Com

  • Able to be promoted so quickly you knew them yesterday as a LCpl and tomorrow they will be a Sgt
  • Get paid loads more money for doing loads less work.
  • Highly intelligent and so pick up the best birds, especially cos of the above point
  • Takes ages to train them so always in a cushy posting
  • Perfect "Walt" material as they can rarely tell you what their job entails. If they did you'd be really, REALLY disappointed.
  • Highly intelligent? I don't think so judging by some of the windowlickers that go through Chicksands. Mind you, some of the birds would get it! And it doesn't take ages to train them. Their job entails them cleaning landrovers and sweeping roads when not deployed as there's nothing for them to do. And working 3 1/2 days a week at 14 Sigs Regiment when not deployed is extracting the urine! (I smell the sweet aroma of jealousy!!)