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Bent Head

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Disorder picked up by soldiers who have been enlisted in the army so long that their personalities become warped, unbearable and they develop the inability to interact with normal people.

If not acquired sooner, it is usually developed by an individual within days if not hours of becoming a member of the Sergeant's Mess. This has brought about the misconception that all Bent-heads are SNCO's, but this condition can be found in other ranks, often these are the most severe cases.

Symptoms include: Random uncontrolled shouting, falling in love with your own voice, delusions of being more important/scary/funny than you actually are, and in the worst cases making your wife and kids stand to attention before they speak to you.

Bent-head has in the past been mistakenly defined as having a physically bent head caused by constantly trying to admire ones chevrons whilst on parade. This it not the case as it simply refers to a bent personality resulting in the wearing of such chevrons.

Famous Bent-head example: CSM Williams from "It ain't half hot mum".

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