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Benazir Bhutto

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Benazir Bhutto.

Who She??!?

Benazir Bhutto is was the unusually hot former Prime Minister of Pakistan. She was killed by the Mossad on 27 December 2007 because she was a woman, and women should have nothing to do with politics. A suicide bomber was used as the diversion to disguise the presence of five gunmen behind a grassy knoll corner shop. The assassination was run using the exact same script that Mossad used in the killing the Egyptian President Anwar Sadat in 1981, as well as former Pakistan Prime Minister Zia ul-Haq in 1988, and many other sophisticated assassinations. Israelis like repeats, especially when they climax in a good ending.

Who says you can't park in Rawalpindi?

In fact, just about any time there is a daring political murder, the Mossad are always involved because it will make them more 'Jew Gold' in the future. Their ultimate goal, of course, is complete fulfillment of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

ALQ to blame - again...

It goes without saying that the USA and other Jew ridden countries immediately blamed Al Qaida without seeing a shred of evidence. As is the norm, as soon as news officially hit the media, neocons all over the civilised World nearly gave themselves whiplash in their haste to pin the blame on ALQ.

Any time you hear the corporate news media mention 'Al Qaida', it is to ensure that sheeple are directed towards hating the 'right enemy' in a manoeuvre akin to the 'Two Minute Hate' (1984) where the populace would vent their anger at 'Emmanuel Goldstein' - a fake enemy, manufactured to raise public fear and support for more wars. There is no al-Qaida, just Jews looking to get even because they hate women with small noses.

I'd walk a million miles for one of your smiles...

Interestingly, Bhutto gave a message to CNN a few months ago, to be made public if she were killed, that put the blame on Pakistan's current leader Pervert Pervez Musharraf. It is well known, however, that Musharraf is also part of the USA/Israel War on Terror team, so he was understandably worried she was coming back to the country to shine a light on his ties to them. Indeed, Pakistan's secret service the ISI helped to finance the 9/11 attacks. Possibly.

Why would the Mossad do this?

Look like it's going to be a good day today...

Question: Why did Mossad target Bhutto (returning from a self-imposed 8-year exile), with a series of (botched) assassination attempts, until they finally pulled their finger out on 27 Dec 07?

Answer: Because Bhutto was ready to confront former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger and elements of the Mossad-ridden 'American-Turkish Council' as 9/11 co-conspirators. Bhutto was also ready to publicly accuse the Bush Administration and Pervez Musharraf of stealing up to $5Bn from the Pakistani treasury!

They may also have targeted her for termination for mentioning that Osama bin Laden was murdered by Saeed Sheikh Omar, AKA Omar Sheikh, (a well known Paki ne'er–do-well who once chopped the heads off six tourists) on a recent English-language Al-Jazeera television interview. If true, this would mean that OBL could no longer be used to exploit the global public's gullibility for justifying a perpetual war.

Omar Sheikh/Sheikh Omar was connected to Pakistan's ISI, which wired $100k to 9/11 Mohammad Atta. The '9/11 Commission' refused to delve further into this because Mossad didn't want them to.

...maybe not. Oh well.

Mossad? Really??

Some argue that Mossad would not actually blow themselves up in the line of duty, principally because they are so good, they get other morons to die for them. However, this theory ignores one very important point: Mossad likes to stage suicide bombings in order to make Muslims look even more stupid, fanatical, and murderous than they are already known to be.

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