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Ben Elton

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Oo-er, missus! Where's me washboard?!?

Ben Elton appeared on the comedy scene in the early 80s as a writer and occasional performer on shows like The Young Ones.

No question: the guy wrote some very funny stuff back in those days, and his reputation was cemented when he joined with Richard Curtis to write series 2, 3 and 4 of Blackadder.

He was less good as a stand-up comic, churning out dull routines about life in student houses and what a nasty person Margaret Thatcher is or was, in an embarassing pseudo-working class Mockney accent.

To say that he has now sold out is the understatement of the century: his principle output in recent years has been shite musicals like 'We Will Rock You', supposedly based on the works of Queen. He has thus now joined The List of British Comedians Who Aren't Funny But Nobody Dares Say Anything.