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Beer Arse

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Beam my shit up Scotty!

A particularly noxious affliction caused by the poisoning of the body's digestive/waste system by excessive alcohol and spicy food. This malady is peculiar to Monday mornings. A full blown Beer Arse has been categorised as a Grade 2 Bio hazard by the Global Health Council - on par with the stench generated by a rotting wildebeest carcass left out for a week under the harsh Serengeti sun.

The Beer Arse phenomenon (do do be doo doo) has also been linked to Global Warming, with the gasses generated by millions of arses ejecting their putrid contents in to an already over-stretched sewage system directly contributing to the melting ice caps. And that's just in Leeds!

The steady growth of balti houses and falling standards in temperance has ensured that the human race is inevitably doomed. All the more reason to go on the lash then!

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