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Battle of Minden

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Famous British victory during Seven Years War, 1st Aug 1759 (Minden Day)

The British Infantry in particular came in for high praise as it gave the French the big stick

Marshal Contades is reputed to have said bitterly after the battle: "I never thought to see a single line of infantry break through three lines of cavalry ranked in order of battle and tumble them to ruin".

British Regiments 12th, 20th, 23rd, 25th, 37th and 51st Regiments of Foot in Waldegrave's and Kingsley's brigades. These regiments have Minden as a battle honour. Sackville's command contained The Royal Horse Guards, 1st and 3rd Dragoon Guards, the Scots Greys and the 10th Dragoons. The Marquis of Granby was second in command to Lord George Sackville.

The Royal Artillery companies of Captains Phillips, MacBean, Drummond, Williams and Foy.

*These regiments were awarded Minden as a battle honour.