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A bomb's eye view of the fabled city

As the sign says: Basingstoke. Population: 90,000 (chavs). Twinned with Srebrenica. Please Drive Quickly.

That last bit should present no problem as the fair town of Basingstoke is nothing more than a service station on the M3 that's so sprawlingly [Is that a real word?] huge they gave it a unique name (the original name was Cliddesden Services).

As a service station it offers an unsurpassed range of facilities including two cinemas, bars, restaurants, shops, a swimming pool, a number of petrol retailers so you don't get raped for fuel (any more than normal anyway) and even a railway station! What is that about?.

Some people like it so much they actually choose to buy accommodation there and then work in one of the many 'unsurpassed facilities'. Needless to say, despite all the unsurpassed facilities it's best not to stay too long or you might run into the sort of person who would choose to live at a motorway services.

Despite being a motorway services the Army never stop there. Some people have deluded themselves into thinking that Basingstoke is actually a town. They are Mongs.