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Ex RAF Airfield with a top and bottom camp and large runway, when the resident RSM grabbed you in the top camp and said "there's a plastic coffee cup on the runway, pick it up" you could spend the whole day swanning about the Airfield looking for it, that was the bad news, the good news was you could take the paper, a flask of tea and 20 B&H (along with a plastic cup from the Char Wallahs) and spend a relaxing day dossed down out of sight, reappearing in time for scoff.

It also has the benefit of housing the Services Parachute Centre for Northern Ireland and a very good stables. You can be looking out of your office window in 'top camp', see the plane is flying then jump on your bike and be airborne in about 15 mins. Result!

See also 218 Signal Squadron (8th Inf Bde)