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The family of Baldrick were 'trusty' servants (down through the centuries) to Edmund Blackadder. The Baldrick family were played with true style, panache and authentic dungball accessories by Tony Robinson, Actor and Time Team member in the BBC comedy Blackadder.

The 4 iterations of Baldrick...

The Blackadder:

The first Baldrick was as cunning as a very cunning thing. Originally suggested that Edmund be The Blackadder rather than The Black Vegetable. Willing to follow his masters orders no matter what: Joined the priesthood; pretended to be a woman (well, a bearded woman); shagged the spanish Hippocrocagrillapig Infanta (on the promise of a heroes funeral) to save Blackadder; and even after being discarded tried to save his master from certain death.

Blackadder II

10 generations later Baldrick once more works for a Blackadder except he's dropped 30pts of IQ. Served as Queen Elizabeth's executioner as a hobby. Cant count 1 bean plus 1 bean = some beans. Eats dung. Thinks the best bit on a mouse is the nose. Owned a turnip exactly the same shape as a thingie.

Blackadder the Third

8 generations on and Baldrick is now dogsbody to the Prince of Wales' butler (Blackadder). Has lost a few more points of IQ. He does get some perks in this role: Free leftovers for lunch, voted to parliament and appointed to the Lords, a dangerous turnip fixation and was a highwayman's horse. First name is Sodoff as told to him by other urchins in the gutter Hello I'm Baldrick ... Yes we know. Sod off Baldrick!

Blackadder goes Forth

5 more generations on and Baldrick is a private in the company commanded by Captain Blackadder. IQ pretty much bottomed out. When cooking, his filets mignons in sauce bearnaise taste like dog turds in glue ... for good reason. Can get a HUGE amount of cream custard (tastes like cat vomit) out of the tiniest little cat. His father was a Nun ... whenever he was up in court and the Judge asked what Baldick's fathers occupation was, he would say Nun.