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ARRSE User Baglock aka BaglOck the Supermong



Undisputed champion of the 2017 and 2018 ARRSE SPOTY Competition, this sock of a sock Baglock / BaglOck (also the self-confessed alter-ego of Shittinginabag) has never learned from sanctions. Besides trolling and baiting members, this doofus with crayons thinks that "Brexit is everything" and that stalking members across the forums is normal. Consequently, ARRSE User Baglock - or BaglOck in its latest incarnation - tops the exclusive ARRSE Supermong league.

Executive Summary

Presumably an unemployed lefty pikey, on the strength of its profile and posting history this person is mentally deranged. Clinging to ARRSE like a desperate Clagnut, this never-served no-mark is known for its epic hissy fits and mong button frenzies on the boards. Presumably in permanent period pain, it posts belt-fed messages on ARRSE at the rate of 275 a week. In spite of stiff competition from some of the greatest retards in the annals of ARRSE: our lonely Trotskyist dullard of undetermined gender is the creepiest little cnut on The Army Rumour Service, perhaps even in the entire world. Do not employ it as your babysitter.

Official ARRSE Site Penis of the Year (SPOTY)

He/she/it is the revolving head in The Exorcist. Psycho from the Bates Motel. The Ted Knight of Arrse. It's Michael Myers. It's The EU Babadook. Whatever: it's a mere never-served throbbing civvy cock of epic proportions. Common Purpose must be proud, because by the stroke of midnight on the last day of 2017, BaglOck (the "permawhine dripping quim") had won first and third place for SPOTY.

Predictably, the chimp was just as big a twat in 2018, and by Boxing Day its wastrel sock puppet BaglOck, still crayoning in the Brexit threads and scribbling belt-fed Corbynist propaganda, had smashed the official Site Penis of the Year 2018 Poll.


Permasending EU Propagandist

Whether this chod is a paid EU propagandist lefty bellend, or an unwashed, unemployed hippy pikey: they're really the same thing. What we have here is yet another disturbed entryist Momentum pissflap, with too much time on its hands, swinging the tatty handbag of social justice and raiding its sock drawer. Sanctions and abuse have no effect on it.

Other than endless dog toffee and girlie fights on the Brexit threads, the likes of BaglOck - even more annoying than the infamous tit Spider - bring nothing whatsoever to ARRSE. He (or she; nobody knows nor cares) is just another relentlessly annoying juvenile little sockpuppet.

The BaglOck Incarnation

This autistic Marxist clown fouled the boards with nearly 600 posts in a fortnight (43 posts a day) after it abandoned its old (disgraced) Baglock account in October 2018, and started hosing down the Brexit threads with asinine drivel, again, using the imaginative sock handle 'BaglOck'.

Room 101

It never learns, never develops or matures. Obsessed with Brexit and apparently descending into insanity, somehow BaglOck scribbled 275 posts a week (1100 a month) during late 2018. Therefore this mong is either a paid EU shill or an unemployed unwashed lefty pikey, whom ARRSE admin finds too entertaining to ban or restrict. And indeed, after fair and democratic votes, BaglOck (or whatever it's called today) has twice beaten allcomers to be crowned ARRSE's officially elected Penis. Our very first Supermong is therefore binned into Room 101 with all the rest of the site's dribbling chimps.



Winner of SPOTY 2018:

ARRSE Callsign S***tinginABag (sock) aka Baglock or BaglOck or CUNT.

Baglock gets ROP'd and chopped, Sept 3, 2018: . Closed 01 Jan 2018.