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Bad Drills

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So our young Padewan is having some trouble with this lesson having loaded his fingers into the Rarden -again. Bad Drills admonishes the instructor.

As with Good Drills the phrase now has a fuller useage:

e.g. On waking next to some munter our man realises the following, they are at his place - therefore he cannot leave and not only will he have to make her breakfast but she knows where he lives. It gets worse - this isn't the first squaddie the girl has "pleasured" and as she is sipping her tea, she notices that none of his photo's have big guns in them, "I thought you said you were a gunner?" she questions. Our hero is on a slippy slope here. Looking closer at the photos she gasps - This says your name is Mark! Chris what's going on?"........

"Bad Drills" says his mates as he tells them of his Saturday morning / early afternoon. He pinched her knickers though which is always good for Morale