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Food (Gods) Qty x 1

In technical terms bacon is a slice of pig taken from its sides, belly or back that may be cured and/or smoked.

In reality it is one of the foods of the gods.

Primary delivery system is to fry/grill many slices (or rashers) of bacon and then stack them between two slices of bread. Brown Sauce should be liberally poured over the stack of pig slices. The whole ensemble should then be eaten with loud grunts of pleasure.

Studies claim that bacon causes high cholesterol, heart disease, obesity and even lung disease FFS! However I don't give a toss 'cause I'd rather go out to a bacon buttie than have to live on a shite pension (thanks Gordon Brown), die in the race riots we're likely to have by 2015 (thanks Labour government) or be knifed by some pikey who no-one can lock up because it breaches his Human Rights. Death by bacon buttie... now that's a MAN'S death!

It should be noted that certain quarters of society eschew the delights of the above cuisine for religious reasons - ol' porky being perceived as 'unclean'. Whilst our porcine friends aren't renowned for their personal hygiene, they sure taste nice. So that's more butties for us then?