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A babe from Brum.

Instigator of the Mr ARRSE 2005 competition and a leading member of that band of rampaging femme fatales known as the ARRSE-Maidens

Anya1982 - A cracking lass, no matter what certain other Arrsers think. And I know I am very thankful for the Mr. Arrse!!!!!

Darth_Doctrinus adds: Since the inception of Miss ARRSE (thanks Ghost_Rider), I have had serious problems focussing on work, largely thanks to Bloo.

Filbert_Fox A stunning ARRSE-Maiden, if she had the chest of Anya she would be dynamite!!

Anya - She can have some of mine if she wants. But she a corker already!

Ms ARRSE 2005/6 - First ever Ms ARRSE - Congratulations Bloo (Still don't fancy you)

An Embra ARRSE Crawl survivor

A Christmas London Crawl survivor

A Cardiff ARRSE Crawl survivor