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Babies Heads

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Babies' Heads Noun.

(1.n) Tinned individual steak and kidney puddings issued in 24 hour ration packs before the advent of 'boil in the bag' rations. These came with baked beans and tasted OK, but were primarily used on Exercise for their amusement value as the tins, if placed in a mess tin of water and heated, would eventually detonate with spectacular effect, showering Soldiers in the vicinity with hot fat, suet crust and some strange meat substitute.

(2.n) Tufts of earth and long grass to be found at Sennybridge, the Brecon Beacons, the Elan Valley and so on. These have been planted over many years by the staff of the Infantry Battle School at Brecon and 22 SAS Training Wing at Credenhill because they are no longer allowed to use live AP mines to fuck up their trainees' knees and ankles.

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