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Abbreviation for Battalion Orderly Sergeant

Can be known also as the Regimental Orderly Sergeant (ROS) or Garrison Orderly Sergeant dependant on Corps or location.

The BOS is the camp babysitter. Usually he will have 3 roles.

  • Camp Security - Although the MPGS have taken on that responsibility.
  • Camp Discipline - The BOS will skirmish around the accommodation and bars tackling all and sundry who step out of line.
  • Camp Administration - Weapons and QM checks.

Typically the BOS is a nasty man because he suddenly has 800 bodies to account for, but not as nasty as the Provo Sgt. He tends to get upset when young scroats decide it would be funny to drive away the Camp Guardian or raise a dirty set of kecks outside Battery Headquarters. Some just want to get through the night and others want to jail a whole Coy of men just to make things even in the world.

The BOS answers to the BOO and you may see them combine their efforts when extinguishing block parties or recovering the Battalion Colours from the NAAFI.

As far as the BOO is concerned though, the BOS's most important duty is to stop him (the BOO) getting kicked all over in the NAAFI.