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Abbreviation for Battalian Orderly Officer

Can be known also as the Regimental Orderly Officer (ROO) or Garrison Orderly Officer (GOO) dependant on Corps or location.

The BOO will over see Camp security and welfare. They tend not to read their orders until the shit hits the fan often running around trying to locate the BOS who most likely is on the end of a hose putting out a fire in the NAAFI or in hot pursuit of some young chavs heading for the main car park with a tank.

For young officers this can be the first real test out of training.

GCO once had BOO orders which contained the excellent paragraph "x.x. The BOO is to drink in moderation". Strangely "sorry (adjt), I didn't have time to visit Sangar 4, visit the cookhouse, nor visit the armoury and count support wpns coy's wierd-and-wonderfull-things-that-noone-has-used-in-the-last 5-years-nor-knows-what-they-are, tried a random selection or doors, nor could I squeeze in staring blankely at some of the Regt Acct's numbers, nor even fuck the guard about, as I was too tied up complying with paragraph x.x" didn't seem to work very well. Funny that.