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Stands for British Army Training Unit Suffield. A large training area in Western Canada used for conducting armoured training up to Brigade level.

About a 40 minute drive from Medicine Hat home of the Sin Bin and Cheetahs.

Rent-A-Wreck used to be there and for parting with a couple of hundred dollars you could drive away in a car bigger than a cathedral with more street cred than Huggy bear in his dark tan sedan.

Within the camp at BATUS was/is a burger bar called the 'Gag and Puke' where you could part with some gold pieces in exchange for a burger that a decent vet could get back on its feet in two or three days. The delightful staff, when asked for a translation of 'loaded' or 'unloaded' (in a ghastly American accent) replied 'You want shit on that?'

The best part about a trip to BATUS was the R&R at the end, squaddies would end up as far a field as Edmonton, Vancouver, Banff, Jasper, Seattle, Los Angeles and, in the case of a certain desperado, Raoul's Rose Garden

Try a trip to Calgary for your R&R and if you get to know the RLC movers from the 'red top' side of life, then you could possibly get yourself a VERY basic apartment that sleeps ten slap bang in the centre of the city for $10 per head per day.

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