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The British Army Of the Rhine.

In the 'good-old-bad-old-days', the army used to have dozens of regiments based out in Germany. They were there to drink cheap beer and frighten the Soviet 3rd Shock Army into not having a pop at NATO. Probably would have as much effect as a speedbump.

On the good side of the formation the Corps had a full 4 Armoured Divisions which were at immediate notice to move in the event of 3rd Shock Army moving towards the IGB, something which it practiced regularly. In comparison, in a matter of months of the draw down of BAOR, it took several months with the poaching of vehicles, spares and stores from the remaining 2 Divisions left in Germany, in order to get 1 Armd Div ready for the first Gulf War.

BAOR - British Army Over the Road, what the British Army has become since 1990.