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Axe Wound

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By far the most controversial work by this author. Edgy, ground-breaking and simply too dammed dangerous, it was withdrawn almost as soon as it was published. Axe Wound (2012) flew off the bookshelves for all the wrong reasons. Set in the fictional country of Zimgola, this fact-based novelography took the reader into the dark heart of Africa and the murky world of gun-running, diamond smuggling and women's sanitary products.

t was simply too much for some. Names were named and lawsuits threatened. People whispered in hushed tones in darkened corners and it became almost impossible to get a room in Earl's Court. Clunge was (not for the first time) placed in an impossible position and the decision was made. Axe Wound was pulled. Only three copies were ever sold: two from the South Terminal branch of John Menzies at Gatwick, and one that went for £3.50 on Ebay - which was probably one of the two sold at Gatwick. Hailed as the 'classic that never was' by Muppet Magazine the very few copies in existence are understandably rare and command high prices amongst the collecting fraternity... probably.