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Nazi's? Ve are no Nazis! Say zat again and I vil have you shot ... Svine!

For Americans: NOT the one with the kangaroos, shrimps on barbies and surfing - thats Australia. This is the one where Arnie was born and the one that has disturbing nazi tendancies.

Sort of Germany Light. The same blonde, blue eyed Aryan master race but slightly more cuddly and less willing (now) to gas minorities they aren't keen on. Still nazi's though.

Once ruled by the most powerful royal house in Europe (the Hapsburgs). They ruled the Austrio-Hungarian empire for 6 centuries. Specialized in alliances via the bedchamber - family motto was "Let others wage wars, but you, happy Austria, shall marry".

Far nicer people than the Germans, friendlier, better humour, but much much weirder. Hitler. Arnie. Josef Fritzl. You never get people like this popping up in Belgium or Denmark or any other medium sized country in Europe...

Most aggressive warry export is the Vienna Boys choir.