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The USAF spy plane rumoured to have taken over from the A-12/SR-71 Blackbird. Supposedly shaped like a black triangle, it allegedly flies at taking the piss speed.

The Aurora was at one time allegedly based at RAF Machrihanish in Scotland. In 1989 An ex-Royal Observer Corps member working on the Galveston Key Oil Rig was called out by his mates to 'Ave a look' at these planes flying over. He supposedly witnessed two F-111s escorting a big weird black triangle being refuelled as seen in the image above.

It should be pointed out however that the image is a poor montage that first appeared in UFO Magazine under the rather optimistic headline 'Gotcha'. What UFO Magazine had in fact got, was a poor pre-digital era throw together of various images, that - had they used a bit more imagination (and sense) - might have lasted more than the ten minutes it took for those more knowledgeable to rip the whole thing to pieces. [Noteworthy ARRSEpedian Buck Felize was instrumental in rubbishing the whole story.]

Some Royal Marines have claimed to have seen the Aurora spy plane (along with space aliens and Elvis) in the Gaydon Hangar when detached to Machrihanish when on exercises. There are, however, plenty of others who've witnessed bugger all.

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