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Assault Course

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Almost every Army camp will have one of these. Usually next to the gym so the PTIs not taking the lesson can sit inside in their office and watch the poor bastards outside who are suffering.

They usually consist of a number of walls, some of them small enough for an individual to climb over unassisted, but there are usually larger ones that only soldiers the size of a Wookie can climb on their own. There will be the obligatory water jump, and depending on how well the Course is maintained the water jump will either be empty and ready to break legs, or full to the brim with gopping, stagnant water. Monkey Bars over water are sometimes included, however these must be made of the smoothest steel known to mankind to remove any possibility of gripping the bloody things. A good assault course will include an Indian Rope Bridge that is usually out of bounds due to Health and Safety legislation, although this can be wavered depending on the PTI's mood. Anything involving heights is of course a bonus, and the combination of tired limbs and someone scared of heights is bound to cause the best case of Disco-Leg since Elvis Presley died.

The term Assault Course is now falling into disuse as it can be mistaken for being too aggressive. The caring, sharing, 21st Century term for an Assault Course is Obstacle Course.

Below there is some information that you may find more useful. Or perhaps not.

The individual assault course:

There are two assault courses at AOSB, one for males and one for females. I am mainly giving advice to potential officer females.

As women we have a slightly easier course. The wall is about 4ft high, there is an ammo box to move underneath the rope to help us get onto it easier and our hurdles are also very low.

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