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Date Joined 29 Jun 2006
Posts Just over 1000
Location "Somewhere..."
Sig Block "Corefire"
Website ""
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A lovely lady. Takes it up the arse, dry, no bother.

She is polite though and only offers if treated with respect. Her definition of respect being that she is bought a glass of Vimto before having her arsehole prolapsed by Support Troop.

Masquerades as a 26 stone Gwar, but is in reality a waif like anal expert.

Known aliases include "The Human Gloryhole" and "The Penis Cement Mixer".

A personal View

"But under that fluffy soft mind, is a creature of pure agony, agonised cries, running blood, cliffs of bone, snakes of flesh and sinew roam the desolate skin wastelands of her own private hell, accompanied only by the screams of the damned and hopeless."

Squiddly, describing the hellish penalties for allying oneself to the naked hatred and cruelty personified by Artemis,.