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Originally ARRSONIA (before Blondebint swiftly and effortlessly arranged it's annihilation (um, no she didn't it's still there - all she did was post the original password all over the place like the divvi she is) leaving ARRSERS destitute and bewildered by their homeland's demise) The fantastic new paradise of ARRSEONIA was swiftly created to replace it and is a region in a fictional world. Arrse HQ was also spectacularly imploded (fell to bits after BB left it for too long you mean?) so arrsers are also left with the poor squaddies substitute of arrse_hq (oy! I created that - there's nothing poor about it mate - watch your language) Start at where, after you create your own country, you can join (subject to founders approval) and be involved in various tasks. This might lead in turn to you being appointed to a role in the cabinet of Arrseonia depending on who's shagging who but then again it might not. I have a role and I'm not shagging anyone from ARRSE (as far as I know) - do I detect a teensy hint of green-eyed monster here?)

We as a region have just invaded our first region, and now have one of our own as the UN delegate, how cool is that! Go Slug!!! Oops! we spoke too soon as Blondebint has arranged the unceremonious eviction of the arrsers rendering days (well about three hours anyway) of arrse activity null and void (I think that's total bollocks. She did her best to warn the other region but kept cocking it up by posting the warnings in her own sad little region instead of theirs. Frankly we gave ourselves away by being too confident and showing our hand too soon. Let's not give the witch credit for too much intelligence please) and showing that we arrsers have neither the ability nor the skill to operate within SOP's never mind arrange a piss up in brewery!

OPSEC? What the feck's that?! (There is a certain truth in this bit though - careless talk costs - well, um, regions)

Be careful - this is all very addictive and may involve regular midnight chatfests to plan invasions.

The gregarious states of Arrseonia continue their expansion with the annexation of a further two regions.

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The brave Arrseonia warriors commemorate the loss of all those KIA.