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Arnold Schwarzenegger

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AKA Arnie, the Governator etc etc.

Hugely muscled but only moderately endowed - as evidenced by the gay porn he used to pose for in the 60s and 70s - since the early 80s, Arnie has made a name for himself as the star of a series of tasteless Hollywood action movies like: Commando, Raw Deal, Predator, The Running Man, Total Recall and the Terminator series. Some of these have been quite entertaining, and I've become a big fan of the hand held Minigun as a result but the basic premise, that Arnie plays a bloke with big muscles, a funny non-septic accent and can't act has worn a bit thin.

Arnie spotted this as well, and moved into politics on the basis that at least the voters would know who he was, and would understand that he was in favour of blowing away muthafuckas, rather than increasing pre-school nursery provision. As things stand, he's the Governator of California, aka Conan the Republican. As an Austrian involved in politics in a foreign country, He is bound to be a reincarnation of Adolf Hitler!.

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