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Army Slang

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Slang is the use of highly informal words and expressions that are not considered standard in the speaker's language.

Army Slang is a sub-division of slang, indeed it is a particularly fine example which is almost incomprehensible to civvies.

A few scintillating examples follow:

  • General - the world, including recent introduction into the US military as the M240.
  • Blighty - The UK, the name was taken from a province in India...well you go and look and call me a liar.
  • Brag Rags - Medals.
  • Cant-be-arrsed-itis -suffered mainly by those on exercise
  • Combat Suit - Jacket, trousers, and possibly hood, cap, etc., made from DPM/MTP material (new one on me I've never heard it called that)
  • Craphat - See Harry the Hat.
  • Dhobi Dust - Washing powder (see above, get it, clever eh.)
  • Full Screw - Corporal or equivalent rank (roughly equivalent to US rank of POTUS)
  • Green/Bleeds green - a keen soldier, probably should watched suspiciously...from a long way away.
  • Harry/Harry the Hat/Hat - Non Airborne / Commando / Gurkha / THEM personnel.
  • NAAFI - "Navy, Army and Air Force Institutes". Quasi-civilian non-profit retaining such as tea, pies, cakes and sandwiches to the troops within garrisons worldwide. Pronounced 'NAFF-ee', it was created in 1921 to run recreational establishments for the Armed forces to sell goods to servicemen and their families. It runs clubs, bars, (EFI), which provides NAAFI facilities in war zones. EFI personnel are members of the TA serving on special engagements, hold ranks and wear uniform. (US - AAFES-but crap).These days it mainly tries to lure young squaddies into debt with outrageously high interest loans and finance,
  • [NAFI] Expression used by bored soldier No ambition F-uck all Interest
  • Puttees - long strips of flannel cloth in shades of khaki, rifle green or black, wrapped tightly at the top of ankle-boots to provide support over rough ground (now CVHQ RA)
  • Sangar - possibly derived from the Indian; usually a low wall with side wings built to give cover from fire in areas where digging is difficult or impossible.
  • Shell Scrape - a hole in the ground, approx 7 feet long by 7 feet wide by 2 feet deep. An administration area. a to the full or battle trench.
  • Sky Pilot - The Padre - he's got his head in the clouds talking to his boss.
  • Warry (or War-y) - aggressive, militaristic; can be an insult.
  • Webbing - cotton for (US - garter) belt as worn by the type of ladies I never get to meet, and several dodgy RM types down Union St.
  • Woodentops - Guards, named after their bearskin headdress, which in days of old was allegedly wooden lined. And just so you know, it really has nothing to do with their average IQ.