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Though the army have had a medal for deserving soldiers since 1830, the medal in its present guise dates back to 1930 when the awards system for long service in both the UK and throughout the British Empire was consolidated in to a more logical and inclusive format. Prior to this, a separate system existed to reward long serving soldiers in India, the dominions and Crown Colonies. The new medal bore the inscription Regular Army for UK issues or the appropriate dominion/colony for the overseas awards.

The early medals were for twenty-one years' service in the infantry of the line or twenty-four in the cavalry, though this was reduced to eighteen in 1870. This requirement lasted until 1975 whereupon the period was reduced to fifteen years' - with associated good conduct (the fence that many fall at).

Bars were introduced in 1940 and these are awarded for further periods of fifteen years' service. A distinct variant of the medal was awarded to the permanent cadre of the UDR between 1982-92. This had the inscription UDR in lieu of the usual Regular Army titling and also had a central green stripe added to the ribbon as a further distinction. These are rare.

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