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Army Catering Corps

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ACC.jpg Army Catering Corps

Feeding the troops was traditionally the preserve of the Commissariat Department and latterly the RASC. The ACC was formed quite late in 1941. The corps served its purpose well - poisoning generations of servicemen until 1993, when it was amalgamated with the Royal Corps of Transport (RCT), Royal Pioneer Corps (RPC), Royal Army Ordnance Corps (RAOC) and the Postal Courier Service of the Royal Engineers (RE) to become the Royal Logistics Corps (RLC). The chef's course was (and still is) the hardest in the Army, as nobody has ever passed it. Dennis Nilsen, mass-murderer of Middlesex boys, learnt his sewer-blocking skills in the ACC.

The Motto of the ACC was We Sustain

ACC - "Ah Cannae Cook!"